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Poultry House Litter Windrower
The KMC Litter Windrower is designed to facilitate the practice of composting in poultry houses.  This tool will greatly reduce the cake size and form tight, tall windrows to insure heat levels that kill disease causing pathogens.  After windrows heat out the first time, the Windrower efficiently turns the windrow for further composting.  When composting is completed, the Windrower is used again to quickly level the composted litter in preparation for the new flock.

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Speed and Efficiency 
  • PTO drive that delivers more horsepower to the augers
  • Unique, overlapping auger system for greater discharge capacity
  • Contoured blade with multiple run angles for directed litter flow
  • Open discharge end for unobstructed flow into the windrower
  • Gauge wheels and skid shoes that allow for speedy operation while minimizing chances of gouging the clay pad

Specifications and Features 
  • 3 foot tall and 9 1/2 foot wide working area
  • Two overlapping, forward turning augers. 14" in diameter, 3/8 material
  • Open discharge end to allow unobstructed litter flow
  • 90 degree horizontal adjustment (45 degree on blade and 45 degree on support area
  • Adjustable skids
  • Spring loaded wall edger
  • Bolt on reversible blade and wear strip for easy replacement
  • #80 heavy duty drive chains run in grease bath
  • PTO CV drive
  • Oversized pivot pins with greased bushings for longevity
  • Shear bolt protected gear box
  • Requires two hydraulic remotes for standard cylinders
  • Rear hydraulic cylinder operated gauge wheels
  • Approximate weight 1900 lbs
  • Category 2 hitch
  • 65 HP PTO minimum for maximum efficiency (will run with less HP but may take more that one pass)
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