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Poultry House Wall Cleaner
Wall Cleaner The model 4610 is designed to efficiently pull litter away from the wall of poultry houses making further cleaning with hand tools unnecessary.  The blade and auger assembly is mounted on a roller and spring mechanism that allows it to slide very close around wall post or concrete footing.  The new model has been extensively tested, and KMC releases it to the market with confidence that users will be happy with performance and quality.
Improvements Over Model 4600
  • Tighter cleaning around posts.
  • Entire auger and blade moves as a single unit allowing the auger to remain close to the wall for closer litter removal.
  • More side offset allows tractor center line to operate 70 inches from the wall for more clearance around wall appliances.
  • Less auger stalling in heavy conditions.
  • Larger discharge space between blade and hydraulic motor for smoother flow of material.
Key Features 
  • Semi-pneumatic, vertically adjustable, 6x12 rear gauge wheel for smoother cuts, and less gauging.
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable wall follower wheel for concrete wall footings.
  • New trash guard front panel for short concrete wall footing reduces the litter that may get thrown on top of the concrete footing.
  • Spring loaded blade and auger assembly for sliding around wall post.
  • Speeds up the house cleaning and provides for more complete cleanout by moving litter for convenient pickup.
  • Eliminates the use of hand tools for cleaning away from walls and obstacles.


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