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Stalk Shredder Puller
Stalk Shredder Puller Stalk Shredder Puller
Stalk Shredder Puller
"Fighting nematodes and important diseases can be a tough battle for cotton growers and they need to be able to use a combination of strategies. Pulling stalks soon after harvest and hastening the breakdown of crop debris are important strategies to consider"        Dr. Bob Kemerait  Professor Plant Pathology UGA CAES Campus Tifton, GA
Key Features 
  • Superior nemotaode and crop residue management system
  • Single pass system for time and fuel savings
  • Spring loaded disc arms help manitain even pressure eliminating the need for constant adjustment.  Offers flexibilty to separate discs on large objects, extending bearing life
  • Depth control gauge wheel disturbs less soil than competitor brands, shich is beneficial on erodible soil
  • Crumbles help separate soil and root ball and smooth and level soil surface
  • 1 3/4" Gearbox
  • 2 3/16" spherical roller bearings
  • Width: 233" Lentgh: 153" Heaight: 45" Weight: 7500 lbs
  • Recommended tractor size: 200+ HP
  • Operational speeds: 6-10 MPH
  • Number of rows: 6
  • Adjustable row spacing: 36 - 40"
  • Hitch: CAT IIIN, III, IVN

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