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Phillips Rotary Harrow
Phillips Rotary Harrow Phillips Rotary Harrow This unique, patented, tool has many uses for the progressive farmer. It allows for residue management, lump and ridge leveling, seedbed preparation, and more.  The superior staggered tooling design disturbs a higher percentage of soil, leaving an excellent seedbed while retaining valuable moisture.  The tooling is self-cleaning and will not plug up even in heavy, wet residue.  The patented wing-up frame design, allows you to go from working to transport position with seconds.  No need to leave the comfort of the tractor seat.
Phillips Rotary Harrow Phillips Rotary Harrow
Key Features 
  • Tines are made from high carbon, hot forged, heat-treated steel. These unique tines provide for long life, even under the most difficult field conditions. 
  • Wing design allows for easy and convenient transport. 
  • Works well in heavy, damp residue without plugging or bunching. 
  • Fast through the field.  Can operate at speeds up to 12 mph. 
  • Extreme versatility. 

Available Models and Specifications:


Phillips 3000

Phillips 4500

Working Width 30' 45'
Attack Angle 45 deg fixed 45 deg fixed
Transport Width 10' 4" (11' w/lights) 14' 9" w/lights
Transport Height 11' 4" 13' 6"
Transport Length 27' 6" 38' 3"
Overall Weight 6,070 lbs 9,500 lbs
Hitch Weight 750 lbs 1,450 lbs
Tines 3/4" OD, 5160 Heat Treated 3/4" OD, 5160 Heat Treated
Wheels Main Wheel: 12.5Lx15, 8 ply
Castor Wheel: 7.5x14, 4 ply
Main Wheel: 12.5x15
Highway Service
Tractor Requirements 90 to 110 hp 130 hp
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