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6700 Series Rip/Strip
6700 Series Rip/Strip 6700 Series Rip/Strip 6700 Series Rip/Strip 6700 Series Rip/Strip 6700 Series Rip/Strip 6700 Series Rip/Strip
For many years the KMC Rip Strip has been the main stay in the Southeast for breaking the hard pan and preparing an in row seed zone for uniform seed planting and excellent soil to seed contact in a variety of tough conservation tillage conditions. Middles are left undisturbed, and row components are designed and positioned to run through tall standing grains or heavy crop residue without dragging. 
Key Features 
  • Swivel Coulters or CCR:  Choice of spring loaded Swivel Residue Coulters or CCR
  • Ripper Shank:  Reset on the Go Shank or Toggle Trip Shank trail and are in line with the residue cutting coulters 
  • Row Tillage Components:  Choice of various Row Tillage Components are mounted rearward of the Shank on a separate Tool Bar that floats independent of the main Tool Bar on Parallel Linkages.  Row tillage components remain in the soil when Shank trips.   Additional down pressure can be applied to the tillage components with spring adjustment in the Parallel Linkages. Pneumatic Press Wheels can be substituted in lieu of Row Tillage components for sub soil no till applications
  • Units equipped with Swivel Coulters  come equipped with one pair of screw type adjustable gauge wheels on six and eight row implements and two pair on twelve and 16 row implements.  Additional gauge wheels may be required for additional flotation on twelve or 16 row implements that come equipped with Swivel Coulters.  Units equipped with CCR in lieu of Swivel Coulters do not come equipped with Gauge Wheels.  The CCR functions as Gauge Wheels.  However, in some conventionally tilled dry, sandy, loamy conditions, rear mounted Gauge Wheels may be required to prevent the CCR from pushing soil.
  • Parking stands are standard  
  • A complete line of Accessories (Gauge Wheels, Planter Supporting Lift Assist Wheels, Planter attaching Reach Arms, Helper Wheels, Row Markers, Row Cleaners) is available to complete the unit for almost any field application. 
  • Hitches
  • Hitch Type

     4(36,38,40) Rigid 6(30) Rigid 6(36,38) Rigid 6(40)/8(30) Rigid 8(36,38,40) Stack fold      12(30,36,38)     12(40)/16(30) Stack fold
    CAT II-3 PT X          
    CAT II-QC X          
    CAT IV-NQC     X X   X
  • Tool Bars
    • 4x7 inch front hitch bar, 7x7 inch mail Tool Bar
    • 2 1/2 inch for mounting Row Tillage components
  • Swivel Residue Cutting Coulters
    • 3/16 inch x 20 inch Dura Flute
    • 1000 Pounds down pressure
    • Four bolt, hub maintenance free, tri-ply sealed bearing
  • Shanks: (Reset on the Go or Toggle Trip)
    • Reset on the Go with lifting the impement
    • Simple mechanical trip requires stopping and lifting the implement to reset
    • One inch width
    • High-strength, abrasion resistant steel
    • Wear shin protected
    • Reset on the Go shanks with 6000 pounds of trip force
    • Up to 18" subsoiling depth
  • Row Tillage Components
    • Prepares the soil at shank depths of 12" to 18"
    • Parallel link connection allows floatation independent of the main tool bar.  Row Tillage Components remain in the soil when the shank trips
    • Down pressure springs in the Parrallel Linkages provide foe varying down pressure
    • Tillage coulters and press wheels are anle adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Cover Crop Roller(Patent pending)
    • Rolls down the cover crop in direction of travel while cutting residue, allowing shanks to operate without dragging at a depth reange of 12" to 18"
    • Enhances moisture retention and weed suppression
    • 22" diameter, 1/4" thick, hardened allow steel blades.  Mounted in halves for ease of replacement
    • 10 3/4" diameter roller
  • Saves fuel, time, wear on equipment, and dollars by eliminating several trips over the field. 
  • One trip till and plant is accomplished when used with planter attaching Lift Assist Wheels. 
  • Saves moisture. 
  • Improves soil. 
  • Reduces erosion. 

Available Models

Rigid Tool Bar Models

 Transport Width (inches)
4 Row for 36 to 40" Rows 161
6 Row for 30" Rows 183
6 Row for 36" to 38" Rows 229
6 Row for 40" Rows 251
8 Row for 30" Rows 251

Stack Fold Tool Bar Models

Transport Width (inches)

8 Row for 36 to 40" Rows 162
12 Row for 30" Rows 220
12 Row for 36 to 38" Rows 242
12 Row for 40" Rows 288
16 Row 30" Rows 288
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